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6th Grade| Outdoor Lab
Jeffco Storyteller for Mt. Evans and Windy Peak

Stories have the power to transform us at every stage of life, and 6th graders are one of my favorite groups to work with! Together we explore Greek Mythological stories behind some of the main constellations in our Northern Hemisphere, and then some stories of the land from the Native American tradition. Whether I'm sharing the tale, or whether a group of students join me to perform  a mini-play, everyone is engaged in fun, laughter and the mystique of story.​

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“Jenna’s Outdoor Lab presentation was one of the best and most creative presentations we’ve had for our students. What we liked most of all was her ability to get the kids up and moving through storytelling. She created props for the students to use and guided them through their Greek Mythology play where students laughed and danced around the room. There was a true tie into what the students learned in their Astronomy evening presentation. Our team would highly recommend Jenna for any presentation and be assured that your students will be active and engaged the entire time.”

- Tina Mayberry, Deer Creek 6th Grade Teacher

“Jenna does a fantastic job engaging the kids through her wonderful storytelling! My students raved about how personable and energetic she was! She was one of the best storyteller that we have had at Outdoor Lab!.”

- Christine Kruse, Fairmount 6th Grade Teacher

Elementary| Story -
Native American Program
Experience favorite Native American legends brought to life through story and drama. Students are invited to participate in these stories through a variety of interactive styles using acting, shadow puppets, costume pieces, props and drumming.  The program engages all students in literacy skills, inviting them to learn and practice elements of storytelling, and to gain insight into different types of legends from “how things came to be stories" to “creation stories.” This 1 hour program will have your kids laughing and interested and excited to learn more about the Native American Culture.


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"Jenna LaFleur presented Native American Storytelling to our class today. We booked her presentation to be a kick-off for our students' native american legend presentation assignment. The children were engaged the entire hour and they learned so much about presenting in front of an audience in general. Ms. LaFleur stirred up the children's enthusiasm and they are eagerly awaiting to start working on their legend presentations. The learning from Ms. LaFleur was truly delightful! Children would love to participate in her summer classes!"

                        - Carine O'Hayre, Mount Carbon 3rd Grade Teacher

Elementary| Story -
Colonial Program
Experience famous children's stories brought over from England by the early Colonists.  This fun, energetic and interactive program includes:  A Legend of Robin Hood retold, the earliest versions of Tom Thumb acted out by the students in story theatre style, and stories of the times from Mother Goose to Yankee Doodle brought to life through rhythm. Jenna dresses in an 18th century colonial costume and brings to life the essence of the Colonial/Revolutionary War period through the art of story. This 1 hour program engages all students in literacy skills, as they interact with the stories and sometimes become the storytellers themselves. 

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"Great storytelling is an art. Jenna LeFluer is a true artist who has the ability to weave story into a lively, fun, and engaging educational experience for students. When Jenna started her animated presentation at our school, you could just feel the energy in the room increase by all the laughter and enthusiasm she created. Everyone in the audience, children and adults alike, were hanging on her every word. Not only did Jenna provide an educational program that complimented our 5th grade social studies curriculum, but more importantly Jenna had the audience be part of the creative action, complete with props and signs. Students were singing and talking about what they learned well after she left. Without a doubt, Jenna's program is a must have for our school. I recommend her highly."

                   - Allison Olis, Westridge Elementary 5th Grade Teacher

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