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Joyful Christian Widows Group Event:

Prayer Journaling for the Soul

We were made to create! Created in God’s own image! And we do this daily on so many levels without even thinking about it. Each one of us in our own unique way. This gift of creativity helps us live our story more fully—more vibrantly—and colorfully than you could imagine. Growth, healing and transformation don’t just happen through lectures and information, but through experiences.  Creative process work is a powerful vehicle to personal transformation.  Come experience a rubi creative retreat and engage your creativity to help you live your story more fully. 


An art journaling retreat:

for mothers who need space to refresh, create, and experience their transformation into motherhood from a new perspective.


Participants Invited:

All who long to grow in the rhythms of prayer and creativity. This is a guided experiential process that invites personal transformation using art as a tool. (This is not an art class - it is for the brave adventurers who are willing to face personal growth.) Jenns has a repertoire of experience in creative process work, including these groups: "Foothills Bible Church Women," "Waterstone Womens Retreat", "Colorado Christian University Student Leaders Workshop", "Waterstone PreSchool Teachers Training," local "MOPS", groups at "Art Spark Studios", and "Arvada Center for the Arts".


Guided Creative Process Medium:

Art Journaling Blocks


Saturday, September 21, 2019

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Joyful Christian Widows Group Event: Prayer Journaling for the Soul

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