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retreat| journee' to motherhood

Entering motherhood is one of the most profound and transformational milestones you will experience in life. And yet, it's one that is often glossed over in our culture with a simple, "How did your delivery go?" "How's the baby?" As a mother who has traveled and battled to brith this new life, you have a mothering journee' worth seeing, worth sharing, worth remembering. 

As a mother who values meaning and transformation, I invite you to a creative retreat in art journaling using a children's picture book as our canvas. In this guided process, you will unpack the nuances of your birthing story recognizing the tensions around pain and beauty, and gaining new perspective on your personal transformation. You will record your birthing story through guided journaling, and mixed media work ending with a book of your stories to take home.


An art journaling retreat:

for mothers who need space to refresh, create, and experience their transformation into motherhood from a new perspective.



All Moms who value meaning and transformation in life. New Moms, and Moms with Older Kids. (Whether you call yourself creative or not, you will find this process will help you uncover your story in a very organic way--this is for you!)

Journee' to Motherhood

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