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light space

First thing when I wake: find the light. Somehow light . . . truest essence of light . . . gifts my soul with hope for the day. Cause, I don't know about you, but waking is full of "to dos." My mind clear and still and somehow ALL the "things" awaiting me for the day are crystal clear at the waking moment. It's not pretty . . . waking . . . it's brings to light my mess. So I move to look for the light. In the summer on a regular everyday, I go here to my sunlit porch full of color and a brushstroke of beauty. Here I breathe in the light space, even a few moments of sitting, reading, writing. Being. #lightspace

Psalm 4:6 Let the light of your face shine upon us, O Lord.

Me in my messy morning waking state "all natural" . . . sitting down to soak in the light. Seeing bits of beauty in the midst of all my mess. Hope for this day. #beautyinthemess

what is your light space? a living room chair next to a south window, a warm front step outside your door, a cozy kitchen nook. wishing you time to soak in the light.

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