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Thresholds Creative Retreat

Are you stepping into a new threshold in your life story? Change can be full of so many emotions—from fear of the unknown to sadness, to anticipation of a new adventure.


THRESHOLD: doorway, entrance, gateway, start, beginning, brink, verge, opening, dawn.


We are always facing something new in our lives, a transition of some sort, a change, a decision we are facing, a new reality. So what is it that is new, unknown, beginning in this chapter of your life story that you are about to enter, have just entered, are finding yourself in the midst of having to face? Could be light or could be dark—thresholds can be either.

[Examples of naming a threshold: a new job, new school, loss of a job, search for my true passion, new family member, becoming the caretaker of a family member, a season of the empty-nest, a move to a new place, search for meaning in my life, overwhelmed by your story is the canvas and art is the tool

take some time for “you” to be “you” and find new perspective into your own story those who shiver when asked to do art, will shine; and those who thrive

doing art will find a thread back to center. busyness, search for clarity in the middle too much responsibility, beginnings of a new special relationship, coping with the end of a relationship, dealing with a health concern, etc.] Our life stories are constantly in motion . . . there is always a new threshold appearing on the horizon. Be part of this creative, self-exploration journey for adults complete with art journaling and mixed media collage, leaving with 3 beautifully finished art journaling pages. Welcome all who don’t see themselves as creative . . . as well as all who do!


Jenna LaFleur - creative guide, storyteller 

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