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Creative Retreats

Flip to page 24 for "Jamie’s Journee’ to Motherhood -a rubi creative retreat experience-"

retreat| a conversation

Girls 5th - 8th Grade

Coming Soon....

A rubi creative retreat tailored for Girls 5th-8th Grade who are dissatisfied with the the voices and pressures from culture & media. rubi creative retreats offers a new way for the girls to explore their truest image & identity through guided art and self reflection. We welcome back the girls who came last year for a new art process  and continued journey into identity.


A  rubi creative retreat is unlike anything you’ve experienced as it combines self-reflection, your life-story, guided art, and connections, all in an honoring space.

retreat| Thresholds: art journaling| @artSPARK!

a creative journey for adults, with art journaling and mixed media collage

Sunday, April 7, 1:00 - 6:00 pm

Ages 18 - Adult

Where are you, and who are you in this season of life? Are you on the threshold of something new? Change can be full of so many emotions—from fear of the unknown to sadness, to anticipation of a new adventure.  Explore and bring light to your own season of life through creativity!

retreat|the truest me|@artSPARK


a creative journey for teens exploring identity, with art journaling and mixed media collage

Friday, March 8, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Teens going into 6th - 9th Grades

Who are you in the TRUEST part of you? With so many voices/pressures from culture & media defining image and personal identity sometimes the noise drowns out our truest self. Creatively Explore and Reflect on the many characteristics, unique qualities, and personal mantras that make you, the truest YOU. 

retreat| experience transformation through art | @The Arvada Center!

a creative journey for adults, with art journaling and mixed media collage

Saturday, February 23, 12:00 - 4:00 pm

Ages 16 - Adult

Tuition $75 + $20 materials fee

This creative one day workshop incorporates art journaling and reflective writing enfolded into mixed media work. Students use a guided creative process focusing on their story as the canvas and collage art as the tool, we create a finished mixed media collage to take home. See into your own life story, gain insight into who you are and spark imagination for what might be next. We find our most authentic selves when we explore the natural tensions of beauty and brokenness that exist in all stories. Come, enter the space of creativity, refresh, create and experience transformation through art in this fluid process of creativity. All materials provided. See Page 27 in the Arvada Class catalog for a description. Or select 'REGISTER' below to sign up!

retreat| journee' to motherhood

Coming soon...

For mothers who need space to refresh, create, and experience their transformation into motherhood from a new perspective.

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