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The Truest Me


Teen Creative Retreat

Who are you in the TRUEST part of you? With so many voices/pressures from culture & media defining image and personal identity sometimes the noise drowns out our truest self. Creatively Explore and Reflect on the many characteristics, unique qualities, and personal mantras that make you, the truest YOU. This FUN “rubi creative retreat” (constructed just for TEENS) incorporates art journaling, mixed media work, and reflective writing, using a guided creative process focused on your story as the canvas and collage-art as the tool, ending with a few finished art journaling pages in your very own book to take home. You will see into your truest identity, remembering the strength and beauty you have in being the truest you, and sparking imagination for ALL you have to offer this crazy, broken, beautiful world we all live in. Come refresh, create, and experience transformation through art. …psst…this process is not an art technique class, it’s about your invaluable story and personal transformation through art. Whether you hear the word “creative” and say, “that’s me!” or “wish it were me,” or “that is totally not me,” this retreat will meet you where you’re at! Yes . . . it’s for YOU!


rubi creative retreat leaders:

Jenna LaFleur - creative guide, storyteller 

Elsa Wolff - pastor, storyteller



for Girls 5th-8th Grade

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