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This Chapter of My Story


Creative Retreat

Where are you, and who are you in this season of life? What is God whispering to you? Our day to day lives can become so full of “to do” lists and the reactive chaos in answering others needs around us, that we can loose our grounding around who we have been created to be, perspective on our life as a part of a larger story, and vision for what’s next. Explore and bring light to your own season of life through creativity! This “rubi creative retreat” incorporates art journaling, mixed media work, and reflective writing using a guided creative process focused on your story as the canvas and collage-art at the tool, ending with a finished mixed media piece for you to take home. You will see into

your own life STORY, gaining insight into who you are in this chapter of your story, and sparking imagination for what might be next. We find our most authentic selves when we explore the natural tensions of beauty and brokenness that exist in all stories. Come refresh, create, and experience transformation through art.


…psst…this process is not an art technique class, it’s about your invaluable story and personal transformation through art. Whether you hear the word “creative” and say, “that’s me!” or “wish it were me,” or “that is totally not me,” this retreat will meet you where you’re at! Yes . . . it’s for YOU!


A  rubi creative retreat is unlike anything you’ve experienced as it combines self-reflection, your life-story, guided art, and connections, all in an honoring space.

Jenna LaFleur - creative guide, storyteller 

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